​Why are people using CBD and CBG for their Dogs?

on 2020-12-16

​Why are people using CBD and CBG for their Dogs?

Why are people using CBD and CBG for their Dogs?

      Are you thinking about using CBD with your dog or pet? You're not alone, there are millions of pet owners throughout America using CBD and CBG to help their pets on a daily basis. At yinyanginfusions.com We have been selling CBD and CBG products to Pet owners and consumers for over six years! During this time, we have acquired a tremendous amount of annecdotal evidence and testimonies from pet owners on why and how they are using CBD. Based on their responses, here are the top three reasons why people are giving CBD to their furry friends!

#3. Cancer or Seizures

      It is sad to acknowledge, but unfortunately dogs can suffer from many of the debilitating ailments that humans endure. Studies show that up to half of all dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer! the evidence is circumstantial, but many cancer survivors and pet owners claim that CBD and cannabis can actually reduce the size of tumors. Due to federal regulations, we are years away from knowing whether or not CBD and cannabis can actually be used as definitive treatment for cancer. However, CBD can definitely come into play as the FDA has approved chemotherapy for dogs in some cases. In the cases where a vet has recommended chemotherapy for your dog, there are many side effects such as pain, and nausea, and loss of appetite. Annecdotal evidence would suggest that CBD is great for reducing both pain, and nausea, making it a great addition to any chemotherapy treatment. For example, pet owners whose dogs are going through chemotherapy often times coat their dog’s food or treats with Candi’s 500mg CBD&CBG pet drops (Shown here: ) to combat the many side effects of chemotherapy. These potential benefits are recognized by the American cancer society, and are widely regarded as benefits of using CBD in conjunction with chemo therapy.

      Cancer can be quite common in dogs, but we have also seen numerous cases of pet owners whose dogs suffer from seizures. Whether the seizures are multiple times daily or on occasion, it is still a very hard thing for a pet owner to witness. due to CBD’s anti convulsive properties, the FDA has recently approved the drug Epidolex for children with dravet syndrome (chronic seizure syndrome). It is undeniable that CBD can reduce convulsions in both humans and animals. We have seen multiple videos where a child or animal was having a seizure, and CBD or cannabis oil was able to stop the seizure in a matter of seconds. Annecdotal evidence would also suggest that CBD could be a preventative measure against seizure. this would imply that by taking CBD throughout the day it has the potential to prevent a seizure from even occurring in the first place. While seizures are less common than cancer, we see these two diseases quite frequently due to CBD’s strong potential to help combat and prevent the many side effects.

#2. Joint pain, muscle pain

Using CBD and CBG for your dog’s muscle pain, or joint pain.

      Does your dog have mobility issues, or suffer from chronic pain? Pain will often times occur naturally, and is especially common in larger and older dogs. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from conditions like arthritis, shoulder dislocation, or even broken bones. Whether your dog is experiencing a permanent condition like arthritis or a temporary one like a broken bone or torn muscle, you might want to consider talking to your vet about CBD for your pet.

      In terms of pain in both humans and animals, annecdotal evidence would suggest the CBD and CBG products are both analgesic an anti inflammatory. Many vets agree that pet owners whose dogs suffer from pain should use a product like Candi’s all natural 500mg CBD&CBG pet drops (shown here: https://yinyanginfusions.com/candis-500-mg-cbd-cbg-pet-drops/) on their dogs’ food or treats to help combat pain and inflammation. For both humans and animals, the more that oral and topical CBD products are used, the less often they will need to be used in the long run. Annecdotal evidences suggests that, instead of just blocking sensations of pain like traditional pain killers, CBD and CBG also reduce the inflammation, causing longer lasting and more permanent relief. Many older dogs are eventually forced to give up on their favorite activities like going on walks, playing fetch, even simply walking up and down stairs. We have received countless stories and testimonies about Candi’s CBD&CBG pet drops helping to restore a high quality of life in pets.

#1. Anxiety

Using CBD and CBG for your dog with anxiety.

      Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety when you leave the house or room? Do loud or sudden noises scare your dog, causing his or her heart race? This response is commonly provoked by sounds like fireworks, garbage trucks, police sirens, or thunder. While some dogs are OK with being separated from their owners, a large percentage of dogs experience immense sadness and separation anxiety when their owner leaves the room or house. If one or many of these anecdotes applies to your dog, then there is a good chance that your dog suffers from either situational anxiety or separation anxiety.

      CBD and CBG are non psychoactive cannabinoids that have been shown to combat anxiety in humans and animals. The number one reason people are using CBD and CBG with pets is for its’ anxiolytic properties, which help keep the animal calm, and happy. For example, many dog owners choose to give oral supplements like Candi’s 500mg CBD&CBG pet drops (shown here: https://yinyanginfusions.com/candis-500-mg-cbd-cbg-pet-drops/) in common situations like leaving the dog with a groomer or pet sitter. An owner might also give his or her dog these CBD&CBG drops prior to getting on an airplane, walking around a noisy or crowded area, or on an evening such as the July 4th when fire works or loud noises are anticipated. Whether you're using CBD before a car ride, or before you leave for work, it has been shown to help keep your dog calm and content during generally stressful situations.

      There are many reasons why people give CBD and cannabinoids to their dog or pet, but the main reason why it is attracting so many people is quite simple. Not only is CBD non psychoactive, meaning it does not produce a high, but it is also 100% all natural. We commonly give many processed, artificial foods and synthetic drugs to our pets, which is counterintuitive considering that an animal can survive in the wild on all natural resources. That is why many pet owners have been choosing CBD as a healthy, all natural alternative to artificial and synthetic supplements.  

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using this product.