2000mg Zen CBN Dream drops with chamomile for sleep!

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All new 4:1 CBD to CBN dream drops by yinyang infusions! 1600+mg CBD and 400+mg of CBN per bottle, formulated with chamomile and blueberry kush terpenes for relaxing and sedative effects. perfect for sleep, and relaxation, may cause sedative effects. this tincture comes with a specialized child resistant dropper for super accurate dosing! now DOUBLE the milligram strength for the same affordable price!

CBD (cannabidiol) CBN (Cannabinol), chamomile, MCT oil, terpenes

*Dropper shows milliliter measurements

Approx. dosing:

1.6mg per drop

8.3mg per .25 ml

16.6mg per .5 ml

25mg per .75 ml

33.3mg per 1 ml

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review