CBG Kief Le Creme - 3.5 gram 40% CBG

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CBG is referred to as "the mother of all cannabinoids". Try CBG now with Yin Yang Infusions Le Creme CBG Kief. 

2 gram 35-40% CBG kief, below .3% THC, from the strain le creme. 350-400mg per gram


Some of the most common questions that our customers ask are about CBG or cannabigerol. CBG is a new and exciting cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, but very little is know about the effects or uses of CBG. Our intent with this blog post is to inform you about some cutting edge and exciting discoveries that have been made with CBG.

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Common Questions about CBG
  1. What is CBG?
  2. Will CBG get me high? What are the effects of CBG?
  3. Can I pass a drug test while using CBG?

What is CBG?

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CBG is referred to as "the mother of all cannabinoids". Cannabinoids are the building block of the cannabis plants' profile, effects, and properties. Examples of cannabinoids that come from CBG are THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN. All of these cannabinoids start in the cannabis plant as CBGa or cannabigerolic acid. CBGa matures into CBDa, THCa, CBCa, and a small portion remains as CBG depending on the strain. 

What are the effects of CBG? Will CBG get me high?

(1 answer) by Yin Yang Infusions
People commonly assume that since THC is a derivative of CBGa, CBG must be psychoactive. However, CBG is widely regarded as non psychoactive, meaning that it will not produce a high for the consumer. Annecdotal evidence would suggest that CBG can help stimulate bone growth and slow or kill bacterial growth. Annecdotal evidence also suggests that CBG is analgesic and anti inflammatory, making it a very beneficial cannabinoid for pain reduction and physiological recovery. Thousands of people around America rave about the benefits of our 500mg CBD and CBG topicals, ( https://yinyanginfusions.com/500mg-cooling-cbd-cbg...) which is easily explained due to the variety of beneficial healing properties. 

Can I pass a drug test while using CBG?

(1 answer) by Yin Yang Infusions

The most common question we get about CBG is can someone using CBG pass a drug test? there are two schools of thought on this topic which we are happy to share. The main theory that people have for why you would be able to pass a drug test while using lab verified THC-free hemp products is simple. Because the lab is only testing for the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, if there is no THC in your CBD or CBG product you should be fine to pass a drug test right? we actually have seen some people pass and some people fail while using lab verified THC free CBD and or CBG products, and this is our theory. 

A lab can verify that a product is THC free to on hundredth or one thousandth of a percent, but all CBD and CBG was at one point married to some amount of THC. it is impossible to separate the two 100% of the way and some THC is likely to exist even if it cannot be detected by a lab. Therefore, the more you use the product, the more likely it is that the traces of THC could build in your system. the other theory about drug testing with CBG is that, since THC starts in the plant as CBG, certain peoples' bodies could metabolize the CBG into THC or an enzyme that might produce a false positive for THC. more testing needs to be done to conclusively answer this question, but if you are concerned about passing a drug test we recommend NOT using a hemp product. 


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