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4500+ MG of CBD and 1+ gram of Elektra hemp flower in each container (4500 total milligrams). We use a very careful low temperature decarboxylation method to activate our hemp flower, therefore preserving the terpenes and full plant/full spectrum qualities. same great topicals you’ve always known and loved now have four times the cannabinoids! Each tin not only has a variety of cannabinoids, but also naturally occurring hemp terpenes, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, chlorophyll, and other full plant/full spectrum qualities. Contains acidic cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBGa, THCa. has a distinct hemp smell, THC below .3% Organically grown hemp flower, made from the strains Cherry Wine and Elektra. Contains cannabinoids, chlorophyll, terpenes, riboflavin, acids, vitamins and minerals only found in the hemp plant. 2 oz container, all natural and organic ingredients! These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Read our websites full terms of service page BEFORE purchasing any products.


Does hemp prevent coronavirus? 

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Oregon State conducted a study which proved that hemp compounds, specifically cannabigerolic acid (CBGa) and cannabidolic acid (CBDa) can prevent corona virus from entering human cells. This makes hemp one of the first potential all-natural discoveries for preventing corona virus from invading human cells. The findings of this study have tremendous implications for modern medicine because they demonstrate that the allosteric tendencies of hemp can potentially be used to prevent, and lessen the chances of contracting covid-19 and its variants. Furthermore, if hemp cannabinoids CBGa and CBDa prevent covid from entering human cells, then they can also have the potential to slow the spread and lessen severity of a corona virus infection in a covid positive patient. This study shows that these acidic hemp cannabinoids not only make it less like to contract covid, but also have the potential to make covid infections shorter and less severe.


What is CBDa and CBGa?

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It is important to know that this study does not certify that all CBD products and compounds can or will prevent covid from entering human cells, in fact most CBD products are irrelevant to this study. The study specifically researches two rare acidic hemp cannabinoids, CBDa and CBGa, which are precursor compounds to the better known CBD and CBG molecules. All cannabinoids start in the cannabis plant as cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), meaning that THC, CBG, CBD, CBN, and all cannabinoids come from CBGa. For this reason, CBGa is often referred to as the mother of all cannabinoids. CBGa is present in the trichomes and biomass of the plant, and as the plant matures and develops, the CBGa converts into CBDa, THCa, and a small amount stays as CBGa. The less psychoactive cannabis plant “hemp” has been bread to produce high levels of CBGa, and CBDa, and lower level of THCa compared to its psychoactive counterparts cannabis indica, sativa, and ruderalis.

Acidic cannabinoids are rare to find in hemp products, because they are generally viewed as less valuable than their activated counterparts. THCa is a great example because in the acidic form, THCa has little to no psychoactive effects whereas its’ activated derivative THC is incredibly psychoactive. The same can be said for CBD and CBG in terms of providing mental and physical relief, they are more potent and effective activated than in the acidic form. The reason why cannabis is generally smoked for its effects rather than consumed raw is because the heat from smoking the herbs activates the cannabinoids (CBGa, CBDa, and THCa) quickly converting them into the activated forms (CBG, CBD, and THC) so the body can receive maximum benefits. The same principal is applied to the process of making edibles, the hemp or cannabis is heated to decarboxylate or activate the hemp cannabinoids to increase their perceived value in the mind and body.


Which hemp products can prevent covid? Where can I find CBGa and CBDa products?

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Acidic hemp products are hard to come by, and can be tough to find. Most full spectrum products made from hemp extracts will generally not contain the acidic cannabinoids studied by Oregon State, because most extraction processes simultaneously activate the cannabinoids. Well over 90% of CBD and hemp products on the market are made with isolates and distillates; both extraction processes activate the cannabinoids leaving no acidic cannabinoids like CBGa and CBDa behind. Unfortunately, this is the case with most products on the market, because it is the easiest and most affordable way to produce hemp products. Our company Yin Yang Infusions offers a farm to table  full spectrum and full plant tincture and topical that contains high levels of CBGa and CBDa. We created these products through our proprietary multi-day extraction method that remains at low enough of a heat to extract the acidic cannabinoids without activating them in the process. Our full plant tincture and full plant topical are one of the only products you will find on the market that contain CBDa and CBGa. During this process we also extract out other naturally occurring hemp properties such as the chlorophyll, active cannabinoids, lipids, and terpenes. These added hemp properties make our full plant tincture and topical stronger and more effective milligram per milligram compared to broad spectrum options. We do not cut any corners and never skimp on quality, as we are a passionate, dedicated, and caring company that uses all natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.



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    Works SO quickly!

    Posted by Kellie Vibes on 2021-10-18

    Anytime we have back, knee, or any muscle/joint pain, my boyfriend and I rub a little of this magical salve on the area and it alleviates it within 10 minutes. (Pro Tip... it also makes an amazing massage oil for a romantic night!)

  • 5
    Sam's 4500mg full spectrum topical

    Posted by Kevin Clewley on 2021-07-03

    Excellent product

  • 5
    Absolute winner

    Posted by Kipriece on 2021-03-16

    I have lupus and I’ve tried many rubs and have had no relief, this is the first rub that blew my mind w how good it works. I deal with a lot of joint pain and this rub is my go to 100%. Super happy to have my friend Chelsea tell me about this brand

  • 5

    Posted by Pamala Crandell on 2021-01-12

    I have 2 knees that need replaced, a torn tendon on the outside of my foot. I had been using the 500mg of Yingyang product salve, worked well, eased my pain. But this 1100mg cbd salve is FANTASTIC!! When applied 2-3 tima day day as needed, this eases my pain wonderfully! I'm a home care provider for my Special needs brother, and must be up and moving most of the day! Thank You for such a WONDERFUL PRODUCT!

  • 5
    1100 mg Salve

    Posted by Jeff Parker on 2020-01-16

    I am also a white label customer and Brandon kindly sent me some samples. A family member suffers from Bursitis. I gave him a 500 mg Salve, it helped a little. I sent him the 1100 mg Salve with very good results. So it's all about the right dosage. Thank you