Benefits of CBG oil for Dogs

on 2023-10-16

Benefits of CBG oil for Dogs

Why are people using CBG oil for their Dogs?

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CBG for dogs

CBG shows promise in its ability to provide all natural relief without the use of any synthetic or unnatural ingredients. Cannabigerol (CBG) has gained popularity among pet owners for its potential health benefits for dogs. anecdotal evidence suggests that CBG may have the potential to help dogs improve their quality of life. However, more clinical trials are needed to research these findings and determine safe dosages for canine consumption. CBG for pets comes in a variety of forms such as treats or coconut oil based tinctures that can be added to your pets' food or treats.

people commonly report giving CBG to their dogs is to help support stress during moments of separation, and other overwhelming situations for pets. CBG may help regulate the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating mood, appetite, and sleep. anecdotal evidence suggests that CBG may help dogs with certain phobias and reactive behaviors.

What is CBG?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is one of over 100 known cannabinoids and is often referred to as the "mother cannabinoid" because it is the precursor to other cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. CBG is widely available online, the different concentrations and applications of CBG have different effects on the mind and body. CBG has gained attention in recent years for its potential therapeutic benefits.

Can CBG oil help make my dog more comfortable?

Does your dog have mobility issues, or suffer from a chronic ailment? Comfort levels will often fluctuate naturally, and is especially common and issue in both larger and older dogs. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from conditions like arthritis, shoulder dislocation, or even chronic comfort and mobility issues. Whether your dog is experiencing a permanent episode of comfort and mobility issues or a temporary one, it is always very sad for pet owners to witness their best friend suffer in silence.

If you are considering trying CBD and CBG oil product for your dog, many vets refer Candi’s all natural 500mg CBD&CBG pet drops on their dogs’ food or treats. Many older dogs are eventually forced to give up on their favorite activities like going on walks, playing fetch, even simply walking up and down stairs. We have received countless stories and testimonies about Candi’s CBD&CBG pet drops helping to promote a higher quality of life in pets, and helping pets return to some of their favorite activities. The cannabis plant has been praised in the last decade for being 100% natural, and containing potential benefits for both humans and pets. More research needs to be conducted in the form of peer review studies to investigate what specific properties in CBG oil might be responsible for promoting a more comfortable lifestyle for dogs.

Will CBG help my dog's stress?

Does your dog suffer from separation related stress when you leave the house or room? Do loud or sudden noises scare your dog, causing his or her heart race? This response is commonly provoked by sounds like fireworks, garbage trucks, police sirens, or thunder. While some dogs are OK with being separated from their owners, a large percentage of dogs experience immense sadness and separation related stress when their owner leaves the room or house. If one or many of these anecdotes applies to your dog, then there is a chance that your dog suffers from either situational stresses or separation related stress.

CBD and CBG are non psychoactive cannabinoids that have been claimed to promote a calm and relaxed state of mind in humans and pets. Many pet owners report using CBG and CBD oil for help keep their dog calm and collected during otherwise intense moments. Many pet owners are begging to know if CBG has therapeutic potential for their dog, however we are still waiting on additional peer review studies to be conducted. More peer reviewed studies need to be done to confirm whether or not CBD and CBG have anti anxiolytic propertics. Many dog owners choose to give oral supplements like Candi’s 500mg CBD&CBG pet drops in intense situations like fire works, or leaving their dog with a groomer or pet sitter. An owner might also give his or her dog all natural CBD&CBG drops or treats prior to getting on an airplane, walking around a noisy or crowded area, or going out into public if the dog is reactive. Whether you're using CBD before a car ride, or before you leave for work, it may help your dog promote a calm and content mindset during generally stressful situations.

Can dogs overdose on CBG?

There are many reasons why people give CBD and cannabinoids to their dog or pet, but the main reason why it is attracting so many people is quite simple. Not only is CBD not produce psychoactive effects, meaning it does not produce a high, but it is also 100% all natural. We commonly give many processed, artificial foods and synthetic food, treats and drugs to our pets, which is counterintuitive considering that an animal can survive in the wild on all natural resources. CBG is believed to act like a vitamin, your body uses what it needs and excretes the rest through your pores and urine. CBG is also non psychoactive as long as it is in a broad spectrum extract rather than a full spectrum product because those generally contain THC. As of 2023 there are no recorded deaths from pets consuming CBG .That is why many pet owners have been choosing CBG and CBD products as a healthy, all natural alternative to artificial and synthetic supplements.

How much CBG should I give my dog?

Many owners often wonder how much CBD and CBG is right for their dog to promote therapeutic benefits. The honest answer is that it totally depends on the size of your dog, his tolerance, and what condition you are hoping to manage. For example, most dog owners require higher concentrations of CBD and CBG if they are managing their dog's physical well being, compared to managing their dog's stress. Having dog treats or drops that contain Both CBD and CBG makes the product more effective through the complimentary benefits of the entourage effect, meaning your dog may not need as much. There are many forms of CBD and CBG for dogs, but most dog owners find positive results from products that are all natural and have gone through third party testing. Many dosing guides on CBG for dogs recommend starting around 0.25mg to 0.5 mg of both CBD and CBG per 1lb of your dogs weight. If your dog is 20 lbs for example that would imply a 5-10mg starting dose. However some pet owners find a larger dose to be more effective completely dependent on their dog's unique situation.

Could CBG oil help dogs who are aging?

It is sad to acknowledge, but unfortunately dogs can suffer from many of the debilitating ailments that humans endure. If your dog is starting to slow down or showing signs of aging, CBG oil and CBD oil have the potential support some dogs experiencing both end of life care. Due to federal regulations, we are years away from knowing whether or not CBD or CBG oil can actually be used as definitive treatment for end of life comfort care. There are many parts of the cannabis plant that human and canines use to support an improved quality of life.

In certain cases where a vet has recommended intensive medical procedures for your dog, there can be many common side effects such as pain, and nausea, and loss of appetite. Anecdotal evidence would suggest that CBG oil have the potential end of life comfort in pets, making it a potential aid for improving a pets’ comfort after intensive medical procedures For example, pet owners whose dogs are going through intensive medical procedures often times coat their dog’s food or treats with Candi’s 500mg CBD&CBG pet drops (Shown here: because it is all natural, 100% organic, and based in coconut oil which is shown to have benefits for dogs. While receiving intensive medical procedures pets are sometimes forced to pump their bodies with chemicals and synthetic medications. This is why many pet owners look for all natural supplements that they can add to their dogs' regimen.

How much CBG do most cannabis plants produce?

Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant species that has many strains bread to produce high amounts of CBG. CBG stands for Cannabigerol, it exists in cannabis plants in the acidic form, here it is known as cannabigerolic acid or CBGa. Young Cannabis plants have larger quantities of CBGa because the many cannabinoids that descend from CBGa have not yet matured into their final form of CBD, THC, CBC, and CBG. Cannabis sativa plants and cannabis indica plants tend to have lower leves of CBG because growers tend to bread for higher levels of CBD and THC. Hemp is a unique species because it contains lower levels of THC and higher amounts of CBD and CBG depending on the genetics. Unlike THC, CBG does not have any psychoactive effects, meaning pets do not get high from consuming CBG oil.

Can CBG help improve my dogs health?

CBG and CBD might be highly effective in dogs because of their body's endocannabinoid system, the same set of cannabinoid receptors that humans have. Many people are looking use cannabinoids like CBG for their pet's mental and physical health, and other medical purposes, but most studies need to be conducted to prove exactly what health conditions CBG may potentially benefit. The potential benefits of cbg for dogs are still largely untapped, and owners are left to do their owner experiments. That is why new pet owners should begin with a product like a broad spectrum CBG tincture so they can easily titrate their dog's dose and increase or decrease to achieve their desired results and improve overall wellness.

Broad spectrum extracts vs full sepctrum extracts for dogs?

Broad spectrum extracts like CBG and CBD pet products are usually preferable to full spectrum extracts like those containing THC. This is because THC can have psychoactive properties that can have a variety of side effects. THC might certainly have potential health benefits, but THC can also make most dogs lethargic, and can be extremely sedative. Dogs tend to avoid CBD oil that is made with full spectrum extracts because it also has a stronger flavor and smell. Dogs have much stronger senses of smell than humans do, and full spectrum CBG products are much more pungent and distinct leading dogs to generally avoid them. That is why owners should buy CBD products and CBG for dogs that are broad spectrum and refined to not contain any THC or a pungent smell.

Is CBG more powerful than CBD?

Both CBG and CBD have many potential benefits. However it is important to note that cannabinoids are stronger together than separately. There is phenomenon known as the entourage effect which theorizes that having multiple cannabinoids in a product boost one another's effectiveness, creating stronger potential benefits of cbg when it is combined with its' counterpart CBD. Taking CBG, CBD, and other cannabionids emulsified in a carrier oil like MCT oil is one of the most effective ways a human or pet can consume it. CBD and CBG both have different effects, many of which are yet to be discovered. The undoubtable truth is that cannabinoids are stronger in numbers!

It is important to note that while CBG may be benefits, it is not a cure-all and should not be used as a replacement for traditional veterinary care. It is also important to consult with a veterinarian before giving any hemp based products to your dog. More research is needed to fully understand the effects of CBG in dogs and determine safe dosages for canine consumption. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using this product.

FAQ about CBG oil for Dogs

Can CBG oil interact with other medications my dog is taking?

CBG for dogs can have potential benefits, but what if your dog is already taking another medication prescribed by your vet? If you are worried about this, it is important to start by sourcing CBG products that are all natural and organic with simple ingredient lists, because the more ingredients a product has the more opportunities there might be for a drug interaction. CBG may interact with certain medications, so it's important to consult with a veterinarian before giving CBG to your dog if they are taking any other medications.

What is CBG oil, and how does it work for dogs?

CBG oil is derived from the hemp plant and contains Cannabigerol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBG oil is all natural and it interacts with a dogs' endocannabinoid system. This may help manage issues with dogs such as stress, comfort, and aging related issues.

Is CBG oil safe for dogs?

CBG oil is all natural, and certain brands like Yin Yang Infusions offer organic CBG products for pets, based in coconut oil which can be a part of a healthy regimen for pets. Because it is all natural, CBG oil is generally considered safe for dogs. However, it's essential to consult with a veterinarian before giving CBG to your dog and to follow the recommended dosage instructions.

How long does it take for CBG oil to work in dogs?

The effects of CBG oil on dogs may vary depending on the individual dog and the condition you are looking to manage with CBG oil. It may take several days or weeks for some dogs to experience the full benefits of CBG oil, or it is also possible to see results on the first dose. Start slow, and follow the careful dosing guide laid out in the article.

Can CBG oil get my dog high?

Most CBG oil will not get your dog high, but. If you are careful to source a CBD oil or CBG oil product containing 0 THC, then there will be no psychoactive effect for your dog. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main ingredient in all cannabis plants that is associated with the high and euphoric effect. As long as your CBG for dogs contains no THC, you will not have to worry about your dog getting high.

Where can I buy CBG oil for my dog?

CBG oil for dogs is available online and in some pet stores. CBG for dogs is available in many forms including treats, and tincture. It's crucial to choose a reputable manufacturer and to research the company before making a purchase. Look for products that are all natural, made in the USA, and lab tested.