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CBN vs CBG - what is the difference?

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Navigating the difference between cannabinoids like CBN and CBG can be challenging for anyone interested in hemp based products. This article clarifies the difference between major cannabinoids, comparing CBN and CBG, directly highlighting their distinct characteristics and respective roles in health and wellness. Whether you’re intrigued by CBN’s sleep support or CBG’s potential for therapeutic use, we will provide concise insights here to help you make an educated decision for your health regimen.

Quick Overview of Yin Yang Infusions' Star Products

Various CBD, CBN, and CBG products

Yin Yang Infusions offers a range of cannabinoid-infused products designed to cater to your various needs. Best for targeted relaxation, we have the 2,000mg CBD+CBG Salve with Essential Oils. If you’re seeking versatile wellness support, you might want to try the 2,000mg CBD+CBG Oil Tincture.

For those in need of restful sleep, the 2,000mg Zen CBD+CBN Sleep Tincture and the CBD+CBN Watermelon Sleep Gummies are your tickets to dreamland. And if you’re looking for a fun wellness boost, you can’t go wrong with the 750mg CBD + CBG Gummy Bears. Lastly, for our furry friends, there’s the 1,000mg CBD+CBN Dream Pet Tincture with Lavender.

2,000mg CBD+CBG Salve with Essential Oils - The Ultimate Soothing Solution

Price: $29.99

  • Ideal blend of CBD and CBG
  • Infused with Essential Oils
  • Pros:
  • Provides targeted support for relaxation
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients


  • Not suitable for individuals with allergies to certain essential oils.

After long days of work, I often reach for the 2,000mg CBD+CBG Salve with Essential Oils. It’s great for relaxation, and it also refreshes my skin. The soothing aroma of the essential oils added to the salve makes the experience even more relaxing.

However, if you’re allergic to soy, you might want to skip this one as it contains soy wax. Nonetheless, for those without allergies, this salve is a fantastic choice for relaxation and pain relief.


  • Price: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ingredients: 5/5
  • Overall: 5/5

2,000mg CBD+CBG Oil Tincture - The Versatile Wellness Support

Price: $59.99


  • Ideal blend of CBD and CBG, 10:1
  • 2,000mg per bottle


  • Promotes relaxation and wellness with healing properties
  • non psychoactive properties
  • Versatile method of consumption


  • natural & unflavored, may not appeal to everyone

Adding to Yin Yang Infusions’ impressive line-up is the 2,000mg CBD+CBG Oil Tincture. This tincture offers versatile wellness support, and I’ve found it to be particularly effective in promoting relaxation after a stressful day. CBG is one of many minor cannabionids found in the hemp plant. The flavorless profile might not appeal to people who want a flavor, but I personally appreciate its subtlety as it can be added to any drink without altering the taste.

The tincture’s versatility also extends to its usage. You can take it sublingually, mix it in your morning coffee or evening tea, or even incorporate it into your cooking. Despite its slightly higher price point, the versatility and effectiveness of this tincture make it worth every penny.


  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Versatility: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.7/5

2,000mg Zen CBD+CBN Sleep Tincture - Your Ticket to Restful Slumber

Bottle of Zen CBD+CBN Sleep Tincture

Price: $59.99 Specifications

  • Ideal blend of CBD and CBN, 4:1
  • Enhanced with Blueberry Kush terpenes and chamomile
  • 2,000mg per bottle


  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Natural, pleasant flavor floral flavor


  • Mainly useful during the night time due to its sedative properties

Consider the 2,000mg Zen CBD+CBN Sleep Tincture as your bottled lullaby. I’ve been using it for the past few months, and my sleep has never been better. The CBD and CBN blend induces relaxation, aiding not only in falling asleep but also in achieving a deep, restful slumber. The addition of sedative chamomile and blueberry Kush terpenes gives it a natural, pleasant flavor that I look forward to each night.

While the price point may seem steep, the quality of sleep and value it brings is well worth the investment. at 2000mg per bottle, each bottle contains 50-100 doses for most people, one bottle can last many months. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, which is priceless.


  • Price: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Flavor: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.8/5

CBD+CBN Watermelon Sleep Gummies - 1,750mg Slumber Sweets - The Sweetest Dream Maker

CBD+CBN Watermelon Sleep Gummies

Price: $59.99 Specifications

  • perfect blend of CBD and CBN
  • 1,750mg per container
  • Delicious watermelon flavor


  • Promotes quality sleep
  • tastes great
  • natural sleep aid


  • High sugar content

Sleep aids need not be dull. With the CBD+CBN Watermelon Sleep Gummies, bedtime becomes a delightful experience. Each gummy is packed with a powerful blend of CBD and CBN, providing the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. The delicious sour watermelon flavor is a bonus, making these gummies a delightful sleep aid to end the day.

However, if you’re watching your sugar intake, you might find these gummies a tad too sweet. But for those with a sweet tooth, these gummies are a dream come true. They’re not only tasty, but they also effectively promote restful sleep.


  • Price: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Flavor: 5/5
  • Overall: 5/5

750mg CBD + CBG Gummy Bears 15mg Each - The Fun Wellness Boost

Price: $34.99 Specifications

  • 750mg of cannabinoids per container
  • 15mg of CBD and CBG per gummy
  • Mixed fruit flavors


  • Fun, tasty way to incorporate CBD and CBG
  • Convenient dosage
  • 100% organic and all natural


  • made with gelatin, not vegan

Boost your wellness in an enjoyable way with the 750mg CBD + CBG Gummy Bears. Each gummy bear contains 15mg of CBD and CBG, making dosage convenient. The gummies come in a variety of mixed fruit flavors, including:

  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Cherry

These gummy bears are a sweet treat that also supports your wellness.

However, these CBG gummies may not be suitable for everyone. If you have dietary restrictions, allergies, or prefer a flavorless option, you might want to opt for one of Yin Yang Infusions’ tinctures instead. But for those who enjoy a sweet treat, these gummy bears are a fun and effective way to incorporate CBD and CBG into your wellness routine.


  • Price: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.5/5
  • Flavor: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.7/5

1,000mg CBD+CBN Dream Pet Tincture with Lavender - The Pet-Friendly Relaxation Aid

Price: $39.99 Specifications

  • Ideal blend of CBD and CBN
  • 1,000mg per bottle
  • Bacon flavor


  • Promotes relaxation and sleep in pets
  • Natural Bacon flavor and scent that appeal to pets
  • natural sleep aid for dogs, and calming for dogs
  • natural sleep aid for cats, and calming for cats
  • 100% organic and all natural


  • Recommends consultation with a vet for dosage

The 1,000mg CBD+CBN Dream Pet Tincturewith Lavender is perfect for helping our furry friends achieve much-needed relaxation. The tincture promotes relaxation and sleep in pets, making it a great aid for pets who get stressed out, reactive or restless. Plus, the bacon flavor and lavender scent make it appealing to pets.

Ensure to consult with a vet before introducing this product to your pet, as the correct dosage will depend on your pet’s size and weight. But once you do, you’ll find that this tincture is a gentle, pet-friendly way to help your furry friends relax.


  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Flavor: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.8/5

Understanding the Power of CBD, CBN, and CBG

CBD, CBN, and CBG, unique cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant and cannabis plant, each have their own set of potential benefits. Here is a breakdown of their potential benefits:

  • CBD: promotes relaxation and aids sleep
  • CBN: holds promising potential in various health and wellness aspects
  • CBG: holds promising potential in various health and wellness aspects

CBN, also known as the ‘sleepy’ cannabinoid, has properties that may promote better sleep quality and relaxation by interacting with cannabinoid receptors. On the other hand, CBG (short for Cannabigerol), the parent molecule of other cannabinoids, is being studied for its potential in treating physical discomfort and stress.

While these cannabinoids can be beneficial on their own, when combined, they can create what’s known as an ‘entourage effect’, enhancing each other’s benefits. This is why many of Yin Yang Infusions’ products contain a blend of these cannabinoids, providing a more comprehensive approach to wellness.

Bear in mind that while anecdotal evidence and some research suggest potential benefits for chronic pain, more research is required to fully understand these cannabinoids and their interaction with the endocannabinoid system, including their psychoactive effects. Always consult with a healthcare provider when considering incorporating these products into your wellness routine for their potential health benefits, including possible medical benefits.

How to Use Yin Yang Infusions Products Effectively

To effectively use Yin Yang Infusions products, you need to understand your wellness needs and choose a suitable product. You might want to consider the CBG and CBN salves for targeted support, the CBD+CBN tincture for better sleep, or the CBD + CBG gummies for a fun wellness boost.

When starting with any new product, it’s advisable to start with a lower dose and gradually increase until you find what works best for you. Remember, everyone’s body responds differently to cannabinoids, so what works for someone else might not work the same for you.

Always consult with a healthcare provider before adding any new supplements to your routine. This is particularly important if you’re pregnant, nursing, or taking other medications, as there can be potential interactions.

Ensuring Safety and Legality When Using CBD, CBN, and CBG Products

Safety and legality are paramount when using CBD, CBN, and CBG products. In the US, these cannabinoids are legal as long as they are derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC. However, legalities can vary from state to state, and some states may have specific regulations regarding CBN, so it’s always best to check your state’s laws.

While these cannabinoids are generally safe, they can interact with certain medications, so it’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen. It’s also crucial to choose products from reputable brands that test their products for quality and purity, like Yin Yang Infusions.

In terms of drug testing, CBD, CBN, and CBG are not usually tested for in standard drug tests, unlike THC. However, certain products may have to potential to make a drug test appear positive for THC because they all have similar chemical structures. Any hemp product could potentially show up on a drug test.

While the world of cannabinoids may seem complicated, with the right knowledge and careful consideration, you can safely and effectively incorporate CBD, CBN, and CBG into your wellness routine If you are growing for CBN you need to be taking into account the cannabis plant age and the maturity of your cannabis plants.


The power of CBD, CBN, and CBG is truly remarkable, offering a natural path to relaxation, improved sleep, and overall wellness. Whether you’re seeking to soothe your mind after a stressful day, achieve a restful night’s sleep, or even help your furry friend relax, Yin Yang Infusions’ range of CBN, CBD, and CBG products provides a solution for everyone.

Remember, the key to reaping the benefits of these cannabinoids is understanding your individual needs, starting with a lower dose, and always consulting a healthcare provider. With these practices in place, you can embark on a journey of wellness that is both safe and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better CBG or CBN?

If you're dealing with anxiety and sleep issues, CBN may be better due to its mildly psychoactive and sedative properties. However, if you're looking for a robust therapeutic option for pain, CBG may be the better choice.

Does CBG or CBN help you sleep?

Yes, both CBG and CBN can help with sleep, but in different ways. CBG can address issues like iseress and and physical discomfort that make falling asleep difficult, while CBN is more effective at directly promoting sleep. CBN is known for its sedative properties, meaning it is more helpful at promoting sleep than CBD or CBG alone. All cannabinoids can contribute to a better night's rest.

Does CBN make you sleepy?

Yes, CBN makes you sleepy because it is a sedative and is linked to promoting sleep.

What is the difference between CBD, CBN, and CBG?

The difference between CBD, CBN, and CBG lies in their unique potential benefits. CBD promotes relaxation and sleep, CBN enhances sleep quality and relaxation, while CBG is being researched for its potential in treating physical discomfort and psychological wellness.

What is the 'entourage effect'?

The 'entourage effect' is the enhanced benefits experienced when multiple cannabinoids are taken together, such as CBD, CBN, and CBG, which can provide more comprehensive wellness benefits than using any one of these cannabinoids alone.