What It's Like To Take Zen Delta 8 Gummies And Watch 5 Movies

on 2023-04-27

What It's Like To Take Zen Delta 8 Gummies And Watch 5 Movies

What It's Like To Take Zen Delta 8 Gummies And Watch 5 Movies

Movies, Gummies, and Munchies. These three items perfectly encapsulate the experience of taking Zen Delta Eight  and Yin Yang Infusions products while watching 5 movies. Please note that the delta 8 dosing mentioned in this article is specific to the author who has a well established tolerance for Zen Delta 8 gummies. Please follow the dosing instructions on each product label, start low and go slow!

The experiment went like this; scroll through Netflix. “Yea, maybe there’s something here.” Then scroll through HBO: “hmm, same thing.” I even scrolled through Hulu; “people actually pay monthly for this?” I saved a few movies that sounded interesting and then got my butt up, went over to the cupboard and picked out a few Zen Delta 8 products that would make my movie watching experience that much more enjoyable.

The Dosage was:

All gummies were consumed one hour prior to viewing.

The Movies were selected specifically to test what the effects of the gummies would have with different genres:

Movie 1: Space Jam

Munchie of Choice: Chips and Salsa

I saw clips of Space Jam 2 after it had come out and was less than amused at Lebron James’ acting. It made me think, “Ahhh! Was the first movie like this too? Am I just remembering it was good because I was a child who liked the infusion of cartoons and live action?”

As the gummies started to take effect, the opening title sequence with the theme song commenced. I was stoked. I am happy to say that this movie holds up! While the animation does feel a bit dated at points, Michael Jordan plays his role perfectly in the animated universe.

The silliness of the Looney Tunes characters mixed with the greatest basketball player of all time, stands the test of time. The movie paces really well, without a ton of lulls in between action. The villains are the perfect animated bozos that keep the movie grounded and pushing forward; Yes, I see how weird that sounds as we are discussing MJ in an animated universe.

Overall, the gummies gave me the giggles, especially whenever Porky Pig had dialogue.This movie was really easy to follow under the influence and definitely made it more entertaining.

Movie 2: The Godfather

Munchie of Choice: Hubba Bubba Max (Watermelon Flavor)

Before getting into this, I did not swallow the gum.

I have always heard this movie is a classic. It took me to the age of 27 to actually sit down and watch the near 3 hour film. All I can say is “Wow!” That did not feel like 3 hours. Now, a movie like this after a few gummies could go a couple different ways. I could fall asleep. I could get bored. Or, I could just not follow it at all. Luckily none of this was true.

The plot was one of your typical mob movies. The guy doesn’t want to join the family business, circumstances change, and now the guy is running the business, but everyone said he could have done better in a different life. Then more people die in his family so they kill more people. Then, there's a meeting of all the mobs so that more people don’t die. Oh, and now we’re switching to selling drugs instead of our old shakedown methods.

The Delta-8 and CBD/CBG Gummies provided the perfect bodily relaxer to dig in and enjoy this masterpiece. It was shocking how young Al Pacino looked and how good of an actor he was back then. He also seems to really love these mob movies.

Movie 3: Hit and Run

Munchie of Choice: White Oreos

This movie was fine. The gummies did the best they could, but really this was a straight to DVD type film. There was a lot of cool driving and some decent moments of comedy. Overall, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are married in real life and wanted to make a movie together. Dax used to race cars professionally. Then, they threw a plot together so it could make sense as a movie. Also Tom Arnold is in it. Yep, my reaction too.

I didn’t have any milk for the cookies so that may play a part in it.

Movie 4: Knocked Up

Munchie of Choice: Grilled Cheese (2-3)

Yea, this one was a good blend. A Judd Apatow classic paired with soaring off of the CBD/CBG and Delta-8 gummies. I laughed so hard at this one. Every scene that occurred in Seth Rogen’s post-college house hit so close to home. The conversations they were having, the late night munchies, the lack of cleanliness in the house, and of course, if one person gets pink eye, the whole house gets pink eye.

As I stared at my TV screen in between grilled cheese bites, I couldn’t help but wonder how much the gummies were playing into this experience. Was the movie really this good? Did the grilled cheese really have the perfect butter to cheese ratio? Do I like fat Jonah Hill better than skinny Jonah Hill? I have had time to think about it since and here is my conclusion. The gummies definitely got me in more of a giggly mood, so that checks out. The grilled cheese was good but I ate too many so that throws off the results. And finally, I do like skinny 21 Jump Street Jonah as much as I like Superbad Jonah.

Movie 5: Amersterdman

Munchie of Choice: Extra toasty Cheez-its

I started watching this one an hour and a half after taking the gummies, so I was feeling it! A really interesting film that I was too high to follow. It seems there was a lot of skipping in time quickly and some people were doing things they shouldn’t. What I remember most about the film was that I couldn’t tell if the movie critic who died was Taylor Swift. Upon further investigation the next day, it was Swift.

All the costumes and set pieces looked great, with some awesome autumn color choices. The film was released in 2022 so it was the most modern of the group, yet the oldest in terms of when the story took place. There was a surprise appearance from Robert Dinero late in the film. I don’t have much of an opinion on that, I just wanted to point it out.

The Results

While viewing any movie, gummies can help make the experience more enjoyable and easier to invest in it. However, I can’t guarantee it can make an okay movie great. It can make really really bad movies good though, so food for thought.