​Which form of CBD is right for me?

on 2021-12-17

​Which form of CBD is right for me?

Which form of CBD is right for me?

Which form of CBD is right for me? What is the difference Between CBD topicals, tinctures, edibles, and vapes?

One of the most common questions that we get at Yin Yang Infusions, is “which CBD product do you recommend for me?” This is a very valid and logical question for a new CBD user, who is looking to seek the natural plant based relief that CBD has to offer. There are many questions one has to ask and answer in order to determine which product will be best for them. Here are our top 3 selling products, and the various conditions and situations that they are commonly used for.

3. What are the effects of our Cooling Topical and roll on?

One of the most common things that people use CBD and cannabis for, is the treatment pain, and inflammation. For many years, the mainstream medical treatment for pain was traditionally opioids, however in the past two decades science and the public have come to realize and opioids can be more addictive, and dangerous than previously conceived. Yin Yang Infusions’ cooling topicals and roll ons are commonly used for pain, specifically joint and muscle pain, whether it be chronic or situational. CBD and CBG and widely used for pain and inflammation, but the form they come in means everything. By using a cooling topical or roll on, the user can apply this product directly to the areas of pain in their body. The localized use of CBD and CBG topicals tend to be the most efficient for treating pain, because the area they are used is directly where the user experiences the relief. These cooling CBD topical products are formulated with menthol and cooling essential oils which act as vasodilators, opening the blood vessels and pulling the cannabinoids in deep for fast, effective relief.



2. What are the effects of vaping CBD and cannabinoids?

Vaping has acquired a bad connotation in the last few years, due to greedy and selfish companies using unsavory chemicals and additives. Vitamin E acetate was being widely used, making people sick when vaporized, and causing the “vaping health crisis”. When it comes to vaping, it is very important to get your vapes from a clean and trusted source. Yin Yang Infusions 320+mg spectrum vapes are made with just three organic ingredients, crystal resistant full spectrum CBD distillate, Cannabis formulated terpenes, and hemp derived terpenes, no additives or chemicals. The vapes contain high levels of CBG, CBN, and CBC which create a fantastic entourage effect, and prevent the CBD from crystallizing. The effects of vaping are the most unique out of any form of hemp or cannabis consumption. Vaping is by far the most bioavailable way to consume hemp or cannabis. When vaping, the vapor is absorbed directly through the bloodstream in the users lungs, making it an incredibly fast onset. Many people argue that this fast application is responsible for vaping’s primarily psychological effect. This fact makes vaping less ideal for the treatment of pain, but more ideal for psychological issues like anxiety, stress, and sleep.

1. What are the effects of CBD Tinctures and CBD Gummy Bears?
CBD Tinctures are one of the most popular forms of consumption. Yin Yang Infusions CBD & CBG tincture consists of just three simple organic ingredients, MCT oil, CBD and CBG oil. The tincture comes in a 30ml glass bottle with convenient measurements for accurate and variable dosing. Tincture is a great all around product, generally creating both psychological and physiological effects. This product is ideal for someone with a variety of reasons for using CBD, because the tincture can effect both the body and mind. Tincture is great for on the go to use as needed, or make it a part of your morning and evening regimen! The tincture is the fastest and most bioavailable form of absorption out of any edible CBD product. It is recommended to put the dose of tincture under your tongue for 1 minute prior to swallowing or drinking for the fastest effects. Yin Yang Infusions tincture is sugar free and flavorless, with a refined slight natural hemp aftertaste. Tinctures can be dosed in small increments for beginners, or large doses for experienced users, and include convenient measurements on the droppers.

are similar to tinctures in that the effects are reportedly a balance of physical and psychological. However, CBD gummy bears and other CBD edible products take longer to kick in than tinctures. This is because tinctures can be used sublingually, (under the tongue) which effectively bypasses the blood brain barrier, and takes effect quicker. CBD and CBG gummy bears and other edible products may take longer to take effect, but will have longer lasting, more extended release effects when compared to the other forms of consumption mentioned in this article.