Zen Delta 8 Gummies Review and FAQ

on 2023-11-02

Zen Delta 8 Gummies Review and FAQ

Zen Delta 8 Gummies Review and FAQ

Looking to indulge in guilt-free sweetness after Halloween? Want a delicious fruity gummy that reminds you of those endless bags you used to inhale?

Get ready to experience the ultimate relaxation with Zen Delta 8 Gummy Bears! These sweet treats are made with organic, hemp derived Delta-8 THC giving you a sweet, sour, and stoned experience like no other!

What is Delta 8?

Before we dive into why we love Zen Delta 8 product, let’s answer the question a lot of people have: What exactly is “Delta 8-THC?” Delta-8 THC (Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol)is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is an isomer of Delta-9 THC, the high enducing endocannabinoid most people are familiar with.

Delta-8 THC produces milder psychoactive effects than its better known cousin Delta-9 THC, and is rising in popularity with those seeking a more relaxed experience. Due to Federal law and regulations, Delta 9 THC is banned in many states and counties. However, the farm bill created a grey area where Delta 8 gummies are considered to be federally legal in many states, except those with unclear laws and those that have already banned Delta 8 THC.

Zen Delta 8 Gummy Bears Product Details

Made with delicious natural and artificial flavoring, these tropical Zen Delta-8 gummies infused with Delta-8 THC have you feeling like a true zen master! With 750mg of delta 8 THC in each container and approximately 50 gummies, you'll have more than enough doses to enjoy!

Each gummy bear contains 15mg of total cannabinoids, including 12+mg of delta 8 THC and 3+mg of CBD. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, these delta 8 gummies are perfect for finding your zen. To start, we recommend consuming 1/2 to 1 full gummy your first time and seeing how you feel after 2 hours.


When it comes to dosing hemp derived products, start low and go slow. Edibles rely on your digestive system to break them down and get the cannabinoids into your body, so it will vary person to person how long they take and how hard they hit! If you're looking to start with the optimal amount, try following these guidelines:

Unlike CBD products, Zen Delta-8 THC products produce psychoactive effects! If you're an inexperienced user, it's always best to ease in - after all, you can always eat more, but you can never eat less!

Begin with a gummy serving amount around 5-10mg and wait for it to fully kick in, as it may take up to 2-3 hours. Experienced users can adjust the dosage based on their tolerance level and desired effects. Remember, it's better to consume less and gradually build tolerance.


Here are some of the most common questions we hear from people curious about purchasing Delta-8 THC products, along with our answers!

What’s the Difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 (THC)?

Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC can be both be found in the cannabis plant, though Delta-9 THC occurs in higher quantities, and is the most commonly known cannabinoid. When talking about THC in general, people are usually referring to Delta-9 THC. As an isomer of Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 has all the same elements of Delta-9, but with a different chemical structure. Local and Federal law also differs tremendously between Delta 8 versus Delta 9, so check your local regulations to see what is available in your area. Some states have already banned Delta 8 THC making them explicitly legal where as other state have created legal pathways for delta 8 THC to be sold.

Delta-8 THC has become a popular alternative to Delta-9 THC, since both produce similar psychoactive effects. However, Delta-8 THC has become a popular alternative to Delta-9 as Delta-8 is more accessible, and produces a milder high.

What is a Delta 8 THC : CBD Ratio?

When choosing Delta 8 gummies, it is important to consider whether the total cannabinoid profile, or total milligrams per gummy, are comprised of only delta 8, or mixed with other cannabinoids like CBD.

Despite being the milder side of THC, Delta-8 THC can still some potent psychoactive effects. Mixing THC with levels of CBD have been commonly reported to decrease and balance out the psychoactive effects. Delta 8 THC and CBD have been shown to effect the same brain receptors, which can reduce the intensity of the high when paired together.

What ratio of Delta 8 THC and CBD is right for me?

Zen Delta 8 offers 10:1 delta 8 THC gummy worms, 5:1 Delta 8 THC watermelon gummies, and 4:1 Delta 8 THC gummy bears. By offering a variety of ratios of delta 8 THC : CBD, the user can fine tune their experience based on their tolerance. A 10:1 Delta 8 gummy will be much more potent than a 5:1 because the CBD helps balance the effects of the Delta 8 gummies.

The closer the ratio of CBD to Delta 8 THC, the more balanced and less intense the effects will generally be. 4:1 Zen Delta 8 Gummy bears are made with beginners and people with low tolerances in mind. By having lower levels of Delta 8, and porportionally higher levels of CBD, 1/2 to 1 gummy bear is the perfect dose for somebody new to delta 8 THC.

Conversely, 10:1 Delta 8 gummy worms has 5x the amount of Delta 8 than the gummy bears, but contains lower proportion of CBD compared to the Zen Delta 8 750mg gummy bear. These 1500mg D8 gummy worms are terrific for people with higher tolerances, and those who are very familiar and comfortable with high doses of THC.

Zen Delta 8 Watermelon gummies are a perfect intermediate product, containing about 2X the Delta 8 compared to zen delta 8’s gummy bears, and approximately 1/2 as much D8 as Zen Delta’s gummy worms. These delicious and vegan Watermelon Delta 8 gummies are dosed with an intermediate level of Delta 8 THC, combined with a solid 5:1 ratio of CBD that helps to balance out the psychoactive effects. When dosing Delta 8 THC, it is always best to start with low D8 milligram levels, and increase very slowly and cautiously to avoid taking too much.

Where to Buy Delta 8-THC Gummies?

A lot of people want to know where they can confidently buy safe, tested Delta-8 products.

You can purchase Zen Delta 8 gummies and other Zen delta 8 products online through Zen Delta 8 's website, ensuring a convenient and discreet shopping experience for your delightful escape.

There are many Delta-8 THC products out there that are low-quality and poorly made, finding products with reliable lab testing, highest quality materials, and reputable resources is paramount for getting the best experience.

Delta 8 THC is legal in most places, as long as it tests below 0.3% delta 9 THC, but it's important to check local laws in your area before ordering. Zen Delta 8 specifically states that underage sale is stricly prohibited. At Zen Delta 8, we offer the best quality and most affordable delta 8 THC gummies and edibles.

Edibles vs Smoking

The classic question, the age old debate: Why take an edible when you can smoke?

If you like to spark up, don't worry, we don't want to take the j away - just offer a chill alternative! Edibles and smoke take different routes through your body to make you feel their effects. Smoke takes the cannabinoids through your lungs, into bloodstream. It is the fastest way into your system, and also wears off the quickest.

When consuming an infused edible, the cannabinoids must travel through your digestive system, then to your liver where they get broken down and taken in by the body.

The different ways your body processes these cannabinoids explain why the high you get smoking never feels the same as the high you get from ingestion! It also explains why the effects of edibles can last up to 10 hours, but smoking usually wears off in under one!

So, Why edibles over smoking?

Other than lasting longer and providing a smoke-free alternative to enjoying hemp products, the science behind it shows it's a different experience entirely! The way your body interacts with the more bioavailable form of edibles will change the game!

If you've only ever inhaled before its worth at least one try.

See What People Are Saying About Zen Delta 8 Gummy Bears!

Straight from the customers, see why people love Zen Delta 8 Gummies!


Zen Delta 8 Gummies Review

When it comes to Delta 8 THC products, quality control, customer service, and reliability can be hard to come by. We decided to form a partnership with Zen Delta 8, because we are aligned with their vision to make high quality Delta 8 products affordable and accessible to those in need! Most Delta 8 Companies are only focused on making a profit, and will cut any corners to do so.

This means that overall, we are observing competitor Delta 8 products that contain higher levels of D9 than advertised, contain less Delta 8 than stated on packaging, and even contain impurities like heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, etc.

Zen Delta 8 is paired with one of the best hemp extraction labs in the country, their chemists has mastered the art of extracting Delta 8 in a clean and safe manner. Zen Delta 8 is our favorite D8 provider because they use all natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, they understand the importance of quality.

The high caliber of Zen Delta’s ingredients is easy to observe through the superb flavors and effects found in their finished products.

Disclaimer: Not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before beginning any dietary supplement. Keep out of reach from children. Please do not operate machinery or motor vehicles while under the influence.

Who is Zen Delta 8?

Zen Delta 8 is a company that specializes in creating high quality Delta 8 THC gummies, vapes, tinctures, and oil. Zen Delta 8 is regarded as the Zen Master of Delta 8 THC because they use only the best ingredients and utilizing the latest technology to ensure that their products are of the highest quality possible. Zen Delta 8 nano gummies are infused with CBD and Delta 8 THC in a proprietary process that has increased bioavailbility, making them more effective milligram per milligram.

Zen Delta 8 is an honest company that is dedicated to creating high quality Delta 8 THC gummies and infused products that promote a calm mind and sense of well being. Zen Delta eight has a commitment to quality and safety, which sets them apart from other companies in the cannabis industry. This makes Zen Delta a great choice for anyone looking to incorporate Delta 8 THC into their wellness routine. Their industrial hemp Delta 8 gummies are a super popular way to consume Delta 8 in the form of a delicious treat. Many of their competitors use Non child proof packaging, but Zen Delta 8's proprietary blend of CBD and Delta 8 gummies always come in child resistant packaging for extra security. Zen Delta 8 is truly the Zen master because their gummies promote an overwhelming mental state of peace, zen, and tranquility.