CBN cannabinol isolate- 1g

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 CBN, a natural remedy for sleep, anxiety and more. Try cannabinol, CBD, CBG and more with Yin Yang Infusions. 

1 Gram of 98%+ CBN distillate, THC free. comes in a glass jar, used for vaping, dabbing, smoking, edibles, etc.

Annecdotal evidence would suggest that CBN is great for sleep, anxiety, and stress! 

made from hemp that was grown domestically, there are no pesticides used in the growing process.  

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What is CBN? 

Where does CBN come from?

CBN or cannabinol is an interesting new cannabinoid discovered in the marijuana plant. It is best known for being the cannabinoid that is created when THC ages. As research is still very limited, effects of the human body are still being explored. One thing we do know- CBN is usually present in high amounts in older cannabis due to the way it is created via the oxidation of THC and people are starting to take note. But fear not, you don't need to smoke old aired cannabis to try the effects of CBN! CBN is mildly psychoactive compared to its parent molecule THC, however people commonly report feeling incredibly relaxed and sedative effects from taking CBN orally. Due to the commonly reported sedative properties of CBN, most users feel it is best used at night time. 

Where can I buy just CBN online?

Meet our newest product- Yin Yang Infusions CBN isolate. This CBN isolate is a great way to try out cannabinol and see its direct effects on your body. It is THC free and it is derived from hemp grown domestically with no pesticides or additives. Using isolate, you can isolate the effects of CBN on yourself without any THC or CBD involved.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review