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Looking for the perfect box for a friend or significant other who struggles with sleep? Look no further than the ultimate relief CBD Holiday Gift Box! This special set includes a variety of high-quality CBD products designed specifically to promote restful, rejuvenating sleep and physical relief. This holiday season we are including a complimentary gift box at no additional cost, simply order one of our holiday gift boxes and your gift will come pre-wrapped!

Choose either option 1 (first photo)- CBN tincture, CBD topical, CBD tincture

or option 2 (second photo)- CBN gummies, CBD topical, CBD tincture



Our 2000mg CBD and CBN tincture combines the power of both CBD and CBN for maximum relaxation and deep supported rest. Simply place a few drops under the tongue before bed and let the natural ingredients work their magic.

We also have the 2000mg Cooling CBD and CBG topical, which is perfect for promoting relief from sore and achey muscles. Whether your loved one struggles with discomfort that keeps them up at night or simply needs a little extra relaxation after a long day, this topical can really work wonders!

Finally, we've included a 1000mg CBD and CBG tincture which can be used day, afternoon, or night. This tincture is perfect for daily use and can help promote a sense of calm and relaxation throughout the day.

All of these products are made with high-quality, natural ingredients and are designed to work together to promote restful sleep, relief, and support overall wellness. Plus, they come packaged in a beautiful gift box that's perfect for holiday giving.

So if you know someone who could use a little extra help getting a good night's sleep, consider giving them the gift of the CBD valentines day Gift Box. With a range of products designed to support restful sleep and promote overall wellness, it's the perfect way to show someone you care. Please keep in mind the specific gift box may vary depending on inventory.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review