Benefits of CBN for dogs

on 2024-05-10

Benefits of CBN for dogs

CBN for Dogs and Cats

Over the past decade, the popularity of CBD and hemp-infused products has soared among both human and animal companions. Pet CBD companies tout their merchandise as aids in maintaining canine tranquility, alleviating physical discomfort, enhancing mobility, and more. These assertions remain anecdotal, as the FDA has yet to conduct formal research on hemp-based items for dogs. Nevertheless, millions of pet guardians worldwide attest to the efficacy of CBD and hemp supplements for their furry friends.

A novel hemp derivative has recently emerged in the pet market, revolutionizing the realm of all-natural pet supplements. CBN for dogs is gaining traction as a distinctive supplement due to its contrasting effects compared to CBD. For pet parents seeking additional calming properties, CBN presents a potential solution, reportedly inducing significant sedation in larger doses and promoting relaxation in smaller ones. Currently, there is a scarcity of all-natural sleep aids for dogs, with genuinely effective options being rare. Pet CBN tinctures may emerge as an ideal selection for dog owners as they are non-psychoactive and notably more calming than CBD-infused pet products.

What is CBN?

CBN, short for cannabinol, represents a derivative of degraded THC. Unlike THC, CBN exhibits approximately 1/30th of the psychoactive potency, making it appealing to consumers and pet owners pursuing hemp-derived calming and sedative effects without the associated high. Through the natural processes of time, heat, and oxidation, THC undergoes conversion to CBN. These catalysts actively degrade and transform the THC molecule into its ultimate form of CBN. Among individuals seeking to foster deeper and less disruptive sleep patterns, CBN has gained immense popularity. Recently introduced into the pet market, CBN is increasingly sought after by dog owners endeavoring to maintain their pets' calm demeanor.

When is the optimal time to administer CBN to dogs?

In modest doses (approximately 0.25mg to 0.5mg per pound), CBN may facilitate calmness and diminish reactive behavior in anxious and excitable canines. Conversely, larger doses (around 0.5 to 1mg per pound) have been reported to induce sedation and support tranquil and restorative sleep patterns in dogs. Drawing from feedback provided by dog owners, here are several scenarios in which CBN administration to furry companions might be beneficial:

Administering small doses of CBN to dogs:

  • Before visits to the dog park
  • Prior to trips to the veterinarian or groomer
  • Before exposing a reactive dog to public settings

Administering large doses of CBN to dogs:

  • Before extended car rides or journeys
  • Preceding fireworks displays
  • To maintain sedation during post-surgical recovery
  • To facilitate uninterrupted sleep through the night

How to administer CBN to pets

CBN's onset can vary depending on the method of administration. The most rapid onset of CBN for dogs occurs when administering the desired dosage of an MCT oil-based CBN tincture directly into the pet's mouth. This method typically takes effect within 10-20 minutes due to sublingual absorption, bypassing the blood-brain barrier and entering the bloodstream beneath the tongue and gums, without the need for digestion. Sublingual application yields the swiftest onset and shorter-lasting effects, typically lasting 4-6 hours based on dosage, size, and tolerance. However, not all dogs may cooperate with direct tincture or pill intake, potentially limiting this option based on the dog's behavior and tendencies.

Alternatively, providing dogs with their desired dose of CBN on their favorite treat or food yields slightly different effects. By dispensing the CBN dose from the tincture bottle onto the pet's food or preferred treat, onset typically takes between 40 minutes to an hour and a half. This delay occurs as the dog must digest the food for CBN to enter the bloodstream and take effect. While administering CBN via food may result in a longer onset time, the effects generally last longer, typically ranging from 6-8 hours. Many dog owners opt for both administration methods based on their preferences for rapid or extended-release effects.

What is Dream Pet CBN tincture?

Dream Pet CBN tincture represents a 100% organic CBN solution crafted for both canine and feline companions. Comprising five all-natural and straightforward yet potent ingredients, including MCT oil—refined coconut oil boasting numerous health benefits for dogs—the tincture embodies a 2:1 ratio of THC-free CBD and CBN extracts, specially formulated to induce calming and sedative effects in humans. Additionally, it features lavender infusion for enhanced calming effects and is flavored with bacon-formulated essential oils, ensuring a palatable taste for dogs and cats alike.

Why was Dream Pet Developed?

The conception of this CBN tincture stemmed from my 22lb Bichon Poodle named Bear, who experienced a herniated disk in her back six months ago. Faced with a high-risk surgical recommendation, estimated at around $15,000, and another veterinarian's suggestion of a two-week bed rest regimen with fingers crossed for spontaneous resolution, I, a nightly CBN user for sleep, promptly embarked on formulating a CBN tincture tailored for Bear. Astonishingly, the tincture significantly contributed to her tranquility, relaxation, and comfort during her two-week confinement. Impressed by her remarkable progress, the vet greenlit the surgery's cancellation as long as her condition continued to improve. Experiencing no signs of physical discomfort and regaining full mobility within two weeks, Bear's recovery owes much to the Dream Pet CBN tincture. Without CBN, maintaining Bear's calm demeanor would have proven challenging, given her playful nature as a six-year-old dog, compounded by the presence of another excitable puppy in the household.

Before Dream Pet CBN's inception, our sedation regimen for Bear relied on Benadryl, as per our vet's recommendation. Given Benadryl's synthetic nature, I endeavored to administer it sparingly to my dog. Recognizing the unique efficacy of Dream Pet, I felt compelled to share this innovative all-natural solution with fellow pet owners. Dream Pet CBN tincture, crafted by holistic pet owners for holistic pet owners, is readily available for online purchase, promising a serene and tranquil experience for furry companions.